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Feature of LED Lights---CRI and Luminous Efficienc
Color Rendering Index(CRI) has drawn increasing attention in lighting field as well as high luminous efficiency, especially the indoor illumination. For example, the low pressure sodium light has a luminous efficiency of nearly 200lm/W but could only be applied in road lighting or some very few occasions due to low CRI caused by its monochrome yellow light. The US DOE has raised the CRI of LED lights for indoor lighting from the original 70 (Aug.2007) to latest over 80 (Dec.2009), and in China lamination design standard, it is stipulated that the CRI in all the offices and restaurants should be 80 for the least.

The best white light, concluded by Mr. Zhang Haicong,Chairman of Shanghai Lighting Association, is that has both high luminous efficiency and high CRI, which could be correspondent with the lighting environment and object. That a higher luminous efficiency than traditional lights and a CRI over 80 should be regarded as the bottom line of choosing LED lights for indoor lighting.